Friday, March 21, 2008

I swear I'm ADD

Wow, a new post.

No, really, I couldn't wait to start reporting out on my 30 week countdown to Hawaii. So far so good on the training front. I actually made all my scheduled workouts the past...4 days. Woo Hoo. I'm on a role. Big deal, you've got a long way to go. Thanks to Drew for his jet tool. I can schedule every week to the T. I do confess Drew, I never use it in the off season. I've never been a good off season guy. I basically roam aimlessly from day to day, weekend to weekend, not really knowing what I'm doing. See title.

It really is a good thing, a schedule. Especially if the ending is as sweet as Hawaii. I've used a pretty decent structured schedule for 3 years now and I think it really helped me focus. I always have a goal starting out (which I don't really document, just keep close to the chest for some reason). Anyway, I just read a good piece from Justin Daerr on xtri and it was pretty cool. He talked about how he made the jump from his first 12:55 IM to a sub 9 IM for his... 4th?. Kind of cool but he did it the Gordo Byrn kind of way. While he was a student he had the opportunity to train, train, train. Mega hours. I really believe you have to put in that much effort to be able to suffer a sub 9 IM. I'm not saying I'll do a sub 9 IM but I'd kinda like to do a sub 10 for sure.

1hr + 5:30 + 3:30 = 10 hours. Get Fast or Quit, right? This years schedule is a good one since I've got some different approaches that I'll try. I need to improve my run and bike over and above what I pulled off last year. That should be do-able since I'm again running a spring Marathon and making some epic bike plans. I built a huge base running over the winter last year and I'm right on track with that this year. I will be trying out some "circuit" training sessions which add in functional strength training along with your running/biking. I like the idea since I hate lifting weights.

One awesome deal is that I'm making the trip out to IM CDA to watch some buddies. I can't wait to swim that ultra clear lake again, and I'm stoked to ride the new bike course. A few Madison trips in there will also do the trick. Love the availability of that course from here. Pepper some "Miles of Death" rides (as Keith would say) in there and some monthly TT's, WOW, enough!

29 weeks and counting...

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