Sunday, August 12, 2007

Is it hot in here?

Or is my body just on fire... Dang! Did I mention it's hot outside?! So I've been training my butt off this year and its been a good season. But I'm starting to get real nervous about how the weather's gonna turn out at Ironman Wisconsin. I was there in 05 when it was 100 degrees and witnessed the meltdown of many. I haven't felt real good running in the heat. Ugh!! I suppose most don't.

Maybe it's been over training but I haven't been feeling strong on the run and not until this past weekend have I ran over 2hrs. Sure it was a little cooler than the last two weeks but I think I found the answer. I self diagnosed myself with an iron deficiency and since taking some iron supplements I feel much better. I've read that endurance athletes suffer from iron deficiency but I always thought I got enough through my diet. However, most iron in foods do not get absorbed 100%. So the amount of iron listed on the label isn't the amount you end up getting. Better safe than sorry, keep supplementing.

My taper is starting so I'll get some rest in the next couple weeks. I really can't wait until it's time to race IM. Yes I think I can actually race, not just go for a PR. Actually my goal for Ironman is to 1st - finish; 2nd - PR; and 3rd - kick ass! We'll see...

I think I'm going to wear my new Boston Scientific gear I got from my good buddy Keith. It's the new Louis Garneau 'Shark' wear and it is super com-for-tob-lay. I like my Hammer Nutrition stuff but comfort has to be a priority. Hey, I'm still hardcore Hammer so who cares huh? There's a total of 12 Tri-Shark clubbies participating at IM Moo and a boat-load more spectating. Hope to see a bunch of those supporters out there. I know one should be focusing on racing but I always enjoy looking for people and drawing on their energy. Just got word my buddy Drew will be flying in from Boise to feed his jones at another IM. I'm stoked to see him out there.

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