Sunday, November 25, 2007

Where did October go?

And where did November go?!! To tell you the truth, I've not been motivated lately. This has to be the worst time of the year for me. Days are getting short, cold weather moving in, holidays, you know the drill. Keith came over today and we went for a nice five mile run. Met Nigel on the trail and he kept us honest (ran real fast) for a while. We had to break off so we could slow down for awhile. That was enough to realize we were getting out of shape and need to start hitting the gym, pool, trainer, whatever it takes to keep motivated.

So I guess that's it. My training season will now start December 1st. Well maybe Dec 2nd since we'll do another long run that Sunday. IM Hawaii is on NBC the 1st so another Trishark party at the Klien's house to close out a great season. I'll probably start scoping out the terrain instead of watching the action :)

For my weight training this time, I got sucked in to an infomercial and bought the P90X Extreme Home Fitness program. It's like 12 DVD's full of hardcore body pumping with dumbells, aerobics (polymetrics), yoga, stretching, and more dumbells. I figure I might like that better than lifting weights at the gym. Kind of hate lifting weights. I'll post my before/after photos (if their good).

And as for the previously posted schedule for next year, I'll probably not do Boston, and the Triple T, and just do a couple 1/2IM races instead. Gotta save some cash for Kona.

later, cd

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