Sunday, September 23, 2007

My trusty steed and some pre-planning

Sitting around bored today. Thought I would post a picture of my bike, all blinged out with the Zipps. Cool wheels will make any bike look great. I'm contemplating a bike change for next year but not sure if I can afford it. Would like to get an all carbon bike like a Kuota or Scott. If I could find a new Felt DA on the curb that would be cool too. Guru is coming out with an all carbon (alum lug) too.

No long run on the training schedule today...matter of fact no nothing on the training schedule right now : ) I need to start doing something soon however. Gotta keep some sanity and some fitness. Starting to gain some of the weight back. Will probably start lifting weights soon. Think I'll try to put on some muscle for next year. I like being around 180, but an extra 5lbs of muscle would be nice.

Thinking about when to start my training for next year. Lots of options. Think I have to complete a 1/2 or full iron distance sometime in 2008 to fulfill the Kona requirement, but not sure. Would like to do the Boston Marathon since I qualified. Not really into running marathons so I probably wouldn't set out to qualify again. We'll see. I think I'll take Sep - Oct off and then get some structure back.
Some tentative race plans for next year
Boston Marathon or Madison, WI Marathon
  • Desoto Triple T (4 tri's 3 days)
  • Tri Shark
  • Evergreen International
  • Pigman 1/2 IM
  • Oh.... and Kona

later, cd

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