Monday, December 8, 2008


So I've been taking it easy the past month or so. Relaxing, keeping the load off my mind. It's amazing how much an Ironman will consume your life and your brain. Balancing that with a wife (who I love), two grown kids (trust me, kids are a LOT of work when their young but its more mentally challenging when their grown), two dogs (and that damn cat), a full time 50+ mile per day commute to Decatur (the soy city), and a life (life?). Mind blowing when in season, so out of season I have to just compress and take a load off.

I did start running about four weeks ago and found out my "sports hernia" was for real and had never said goodbye. I figured with the time off and the fact that it really hadn't bothered my in Hawaii, I'd be safe to start up an easy run regimen that kept me in shape over the winter. NO! The day after I ran six miles for the first time, I was in some serious pain. I was probably so rested and felt like I could just keep going forever, I just put too much strain on things down there. From there, I thought I'd take it easy and run every other day. No better, I can take three days off and it still bothers me all day. I've got a Dr appt this Wed....cut me Mick!

K-dog is getting married this weekend in Mexico to his lovely wife Jill so he's been trying to "get in shape" the last 2-3 weeks or so by hitting the pool and running a bit. I'm on to his ways! We've been busting out a few thousand yds per session and the water feels great. I've restrained from running too much so I thought the pool is a good way to keep the fire alive. Gee I'm up to 187lbs or so, give me a break!! No, I just felt like it's a great way to shake the cob webs.

Been kicking around a few ideas for next year and think I'll do at least 2-3 half iron distance races. I really liked Pigman, I want to get back to Muncie, a guys trip with a half involved seems like a good idea, and I'd even like to do Steelhead and qualify for the Worlds. That's four so I'll have to figure something out. The only full iron distance race my wife will buy into (well, that's my excuse. Not that you can't get into an Ironman in North America next year....oh yea, you can't!) is RedMan in Oklahoma City. September race just before IM Wisconsin. Hot, flat, humid, and hot. I've been looking at this race for 3 years now and never had it fit into my schedule until now. Winning times have consistently dropped the past three years. 11hrs, 10hrs, 9.5hrs or something. If I put my mind to it, I could do well. If I put my mind to it... Might even entertain a late spring marathon, Madison? Hmmm...

I won't be doing much in the month of January, but come February, I hope the roads are clear and the weather is nice. I'm hoping for some outdoor riding like a couple years ago. Probably work the core again next season. Those circuit training sessions are awesome. I may post one more time with a surgery update. I'll have plenty of laying around time, I'm sure.

I posted more pictures to my Picasa account that Keith gave me. They are awesome!

later, cd

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