Thursday, May 21, 2009

Loooong update

Ok, lots to update. Been woking on the house lately, installing counter tops, painting, refinishing floors, yada yada. I have found some time to get back into some shape and the bug is biting. Started doing the Tuesday Night Time Trials out as Comlara Park so that has gotten the juices flowing and just finished the Decatur TT last night with a sub 30min for a 20K. Not too shabby for the shape I'm in.

Been working out at the pool with Rossi a couple days a week religiously and feel like I'm in pretty good swim shape. Last two weeks have been killer. Feels good! Hope to push the swim at Terre Haute next week and then Tri Shark the week after.

As far as races go, I did the Sullivan Tri a few weeks back and ended up winning my age group (guess nobody showed up :). Paul Dees was there so I knew he would be gunning for me. He was right behind me in the time trial start. Almost caught me in the swim. It was an unbelievably windy day. 30-35mph winds with some gusts that were even stronger. Paul passed me on the second loop but I got him back and never looked back. Out on the run I felt pretty good for mile one but after that I had nothing. Ended up doing 8min miles or something. Good for a first race of the year and to test my sports hearnia situation. Still feeling a little twingh on the bike but not so much on the run anymore.

Speaking of the injury update, I'm feeling better all around but my core strength and flexor strength is really down. Especially on the right side. I feel like I have a huge muscle imbalance issue. I can really feel it on the bike. Will try to work on my core and stability strength throughout the summer.

Held the 2nd annual C&C Triathlete Camp again at the beginning of May. Had 9 hearty souls attend and we had a great time. Pretty much kept the same format as last year, Chris' Mom was able to come ride with us and Sloan helped out a bunch. Really learned some things again this year. I feel a bit out of my element without any formal coaching badge. Chris is getting his USAT certification and has ventured into the coaching arena. He is doing a great job and is a pro at teaching. This camp could be huge if we market it right. I just want to fit in there properly. With Hammer Nutrition on my side we were able to provide some good products and exellent information for everyone. I like to think I provided some good input there, and even got some good feedback. Need to work on the overall presentation if we are going to have more people. Looking forward to next year already.

Next up on the racing schedule is Terre Haute. Keith, Lance, and I are all going and it should be a good time. Did that race a few years back and thought it had the same feel as Tri Shark with the location, size, and organization. Can't wait. My fitness is improving so we'll see how I do on a 40K course as opposed to a sprint distance. Just a 8K run but I imagine I'll avg sub 8min pace. I'll take that for now.

Big challeng coming up is Ragbrai. The weather finally broke and I'm getting out on the road more. Bike fitness seems to come around by July so looking forward to the challeng of riding 50-80miles every day for a week. Talked quite a bit to the Skins rep out at the Decatur TT last night. I've been wanting to get some compression gear to try out at Ragbrai. Got a 30% off coupon from him and plan get a pair of long tights and maybe some sox.

Long term goal in the back of my head is to go down to Louiville and sign up for IM in 2010. Not sure why I want to do that but I have a feeling some people might be going to Hawaii that year and it would be a great goal to get there again. I can't believe I just wrote that....

later, cd

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