Sunday, June 21, 2009

Back to Back

Terre Haute Tri
Since I don't have a real schedule this season, I'm just signing up for races as they come. Of course I signed up for Tri-Shark but didn't even think about the Terre Haute tri since it was the weekend before. Usually don't do that but what the heck, it's a "fun" year right?

Keith was already signed up and he twisted my arm a bit to keep him company. I thought Lance Benedict was also signed up but come to find out, when he went to sign up on line, they had already closed the online sign up. He called the race director with no luck, emailed me to ask if I had any "pull" (yea right), and then asked our Tri Shark race director Colleen Klien to put a good word in. Well, he eventually got in, but he didn't think the guy really cared too much for it. Anyway, he was in.

Keith and I headed over Fri evening in what we thought was enough time to catch the packet pick up which closed at 8pm. Well we forgot about the 1hr time change so we were late. Guess we'll just pick that up in the morning, no bigee. Lance made it over in time for the dinner and to hear a couple speakers, USAT rookie of the year Daniel Bretscher and X-terra goddess and multi world champion Jamie Whitmore who is overcoming cancer and extensive surgery that left her unable to compete ever again.

I got a great night sleep and felt pretty relaxed in the morning. We arrived early (pretty much first) to get a good bike rack spot and pick up our packet. After getting things ready we had plenty of time to relax and then get a good warm up in. The Terre Haute tri is 800yd swim/40K bike/8K run. I wore my wetsuit even though the water temp was around 72 or so. Our wave was 3rd just after the all-women wave. Not the greatest seeding since I ended up swimming by most of that field by the time I was heading back in from the out and back course. Felt real good in the swim, water was pretty clear so didn't have to sight all that much. 11:43 including a good 200yd run to the transition.

Bike course was a relatively flat out and back on smooth roads with only a few rollers in there for good measure. I saw both Lance and Keith as they were heading back from the turnaround. Lance was crushing it and looked like he was in the top 10. My right calf started to cramp a few miles into it so I felt like I couldn't put 100% in to my ride. Not sure what the issue was, partly my hydration level and partly the hard effort my legs were NOT used to at this point in the season. Really hadn't put in a hard effort for more than a 20K in the weeks leading up to this race. Started to feel better as I got closer to the finish and even passed a few guys that flew by me earlier. 1:02 @ 23.8mph (oooo nice!)

As soon as I got out on the run, maybe 1/4 mile, the few guys I passed on the bike...passed me. So much for that. My legs were feeling pretty good so I kept a nice pace. First mile was 6:50. In the second mile, I started talking to a guy (for whatever reason, I don't know) and as we finished the second mile in about 7:00min, I started to get the worst side stitch. Had to let the guy go and started to walk. I could hardly breath and had to walk about 1/4 mile. Starting back running was pretty painful until the side stitch finally went away around mile 4 and then finished strong. 37:33 @ 7:33/mile pace. I'll take it.

Ended up 8th in my age group which I'll take for the amount of training I did (zero) Solid effort and great "training day" 1hr 53min 22sec. Lance had an awesome race and finished 2nd in his age group with a 1:50 and Keith finished with a 1:55. Keith and I hit the Applebees on the way out of town for a good recovery meal then made it home in time to mow the lawn and power spray the brick on my house. Ah the life...


This is the 10th year for me doing Tri Shark and its really got to be one of the best races ever. Probably because it's our club race and I know practically everyone or at least have seen most everyone at this race in all of the years previous. It's really too bad that our previous Governor had to close Moraine View State Park where this race has taken place for 15+ years? Anyway, even though they reopened the park, we still had to do the race at Lake Evergreen which is just as good a location. We can fit more people and with the popularity of Tri-Shark, it may be fitting.

As always, the youth group from Chicago, Multisport Madness, had a group of kids come race. Its been fun to see these kids grow up over the years. Funny thing is, their FAST now!!! One of there kids won this year in a blazing time. Fastest bike and fastest run. Amazing.

Had to show up early for this race too. It really is the best way to get the day started. Racked the bike in the elite wave section since I chose to start in the first wave. Keith, Lance, Chris Sweet, Paul Dees, Brian Rossi, and I all racked!

Wore my wetsuit for this race even though the water temp was 72. It felt colder so I'm glad I wore it. Didn't feel as fresh as I did in Terre Haute. I could see the fast bunch got out and away quickly. I stayed close to Lance and Paul. All of a suddon about half way through, I saw Sweet cruizin by. Found out later he had a rough go at the start and had to ease up. Finished feeling pretty good, winded, but ok. 8:52 which I think is one of my better swims at Tri Shark, woo hoo!!

Running up to the bike rack, I see Lance is already there and heading out. Paul Dees is right in front of me, as is Chris Sweet. I say "wow, what are you doing here?" not expecting to see him at all. Then I see Keith and Brian both run up. WOW! all of us at the same rack are out together. Very cool.

Never could get a good ryhthm on the bike. Was passing a bunch of the little kids that are great swimmers, but didn't really gain any on any of the other guys. Rossi blew by me and ended up haveing a great ride. Sweet passed me early too. Emily Dewald and I kept passing each other until the last few miles when I put the hammer down. Overall not so bad, I'll take it. 32:11 @ 24.2mph

Run was lonely. I only had a few people pass me and I passed maybe one. Was pretty much all alone so I didn't really feel like pushing it much. That was ok, I was still haveing a good time watching the ultra fast kids up front and seeing my friends Rossi, Lance, Sweet, Emily, etc all have a fantastic race. 22:14 @ 7:10/mi pace

I ended up finishing in 1:05:13, not a PR but a good race. Would have gotten 2nd in my age group if I had not started in the elite wave. Had a fun day all around

What's next?...Ragbrai in July and then Steelhead in August. Better start training...

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